Our Staff

Dr. George Hanna

Executive Manager

The winner for Victoria University Medal for Academic Excellence (October 2009)

Doctor of Philosophy, Victoria University
Master(Research) in Computer Science and mathematics, Victoria University
Graduate Diploma in Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Victoria University
B.Sc. & Education, (Alexandria/Egypt)

  • Member of the Australian Mathematical Society (AMS)
  • Member of the American Mathematical Society
  • Member of the management team of the Journal of equalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics (JIPAM)
  • Member of the management team of the International Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications (RGMIA)

In every position I have held, my performance and responsibility have exceeded that of my position description. I possess substantial experience in teaching mathematics and computing, course development and have lectured and tutored at every level of high schools and undergraduate mathematics and computing. At all times I actively encourage students to participate and expect them to succeed. I have concentrated on problem solving and analytical thinking.


Patrick Elias

Mathematics Tutor

My name is Patrick Elias and I am one the mathematics tutors at EALS Learning Services.

I am currently studying at RMIT University in Bundoora, enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters in Chiropractic. Throughout school, I found that mathematics was my strongest subject. I undertook Mathematical Methods and Specialist mathematics, and with the help of EALS tutoring services, I was able to achieve scores of 45 and 44 respectively.

With the knowledge gained from EALS services, I was also able to assist my fellow colleagues throughout year 11 and 12 with their mathematics. This provided me with a strong knowledge of mathematics and an ability to successfully teach others in an effort to encourage their achievements of high results.

I have been a tutor at EALS for a year and have since gained further experience in my teaching abilities. I believe that my students are able to connect with me and feel more comfortable in an environment in which they are taught by somebody who has recently finished the VCE.

My teaching methods are derived from what I was taught during my 4 years at EALS, by Dr. George Hanna. I expect my students to engage with me in a way that will allow me to understand their individual troubles. I set weekly homework tasks, and check them the following week during which any issues are dealt with. My group activities are interactive and my students do not hesitate to seek for help.

EALS helped me achieve the best results I could in my VCE. I believe that EALS will bring the best out of all students to achieve their goals, through hard work and determination.


Michael Rizkalla

English & Science Tutor

My name is Michael Rizkalla.

I have been tutoring English students from all Primary and Secondary school year levels with EALS since January
2009 and thoroughly enjoy it.

I take a lot of pride in my work and expect my students to do the same. I firmly believe in the old adage “You only get out what you put in”, and impress upon my students that hard work is the surest way to achieve results.

English is unlike other subjects taught in schools because the skills students gain over the course of their education, they will use throughout their lives. Simply put: “English does not stop when the bell rings”, and this is the attitude that I endeavor to instil in my students: a holistic approach toward the English language which is integral to our everyday lives, from the art of conversation to the expression of thought in writing.

I feel it is vital for a tutor to address each student’s individual problems and support them to build skills that overcome their personal hurdles. EALS is structured specifically for this purpose with small group sizes of two to four students affording opportunities for questions and encouraging discussion. The track record of the EALS system speaks for itself with many past students being recognised for educational excellence.

The advantages of the EALS system are obvious, but for me, there is nothing more rewarding than watching students achieve goals they didn’t think were possible through hard work, a realistic focus and a little guidance.


Ece Mustafoff

English Tutor

My name is Ece Mustafoff and I am past student of EALS. EALS has helped me achieve an ENTER that puts me into the top 2% of the state.

I am currently studying my Bachelor of Commerce undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne, majors are in Accounting and Finance. In March 2011 I will be working at Deloitte, the largest professional services firm in the world, as an external auditor while completing my postgraduate CA.

English was one of my highest scoring subjects in VCE and is a vital subject for any student wishing to achieve a score in their VCE years. I currently tutor English for all year levels including VCE English. English is a subject most students often struggle with as it a subject which doesn’t simply involve “rope-learning”.

For this reason I present a more dynamic learning environment for my students in order to help them grasp some of the complexities of English (especially at a senior level).

One of the strengths in my teaching is the recent exposure I have had in my high school education and my VCE exams. Having graduated from Overnewton Anglican Community College in 2007, I have had first-hand experience with the stresses and pressures of year 12 as well as suitable studying techniques and learning styles in order to overcome these obstacles.

My aim is to help students with their English skills which will be a valuable tool with them for a lifetime.


Mel Roordink

English & French Tutor

I studied at the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Education in 2008 and a Graduate Diploma in Arts in 2010. I have since been working as a Casual Relief Teacher in schools across Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs, as well as teaching English to a range of age levels at EduKingdom throughout 2011. I am currently employed as an English teacher for 2012 and will be studying for my Master of Applied Linguistics online through Monash University.

I have chosen to study Applied Linguistics in order to further my knowledge of the English language, in turn assisting in my work as an English teacher. I am excited about the teaching of English skills and expect my students to work hard to succeed. I thoroughly review their work and use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that they reach their goals.

My other interests include travelling (I recently spent three months in Europe) and European history.